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Yoga Poses for Beginners

The term yoga can be defined as the sum of the activities of the body, speech and mind. In spiritual terms, yoga is the cause of the flow of karma or asrava. In the modern world, yoga postures have become popular for the health benefits it offers. It has also become a popular form of exercise in Western countries along with the nations of the East. Yoga exercises are not limited to the adults to be performed.There are many yoga poses for kids that can help them get their mind and body in shape. Some basic yoga poses for beginners are explained in the following article.

Yoga Poses for Beginners
Yoga poses for beginners to follow can help you learn the basics. These positions help keep the body flexible and maintain muscle tone.

Sukhasana / Easy Role
One of the easiest poses to achieve. The Sukh affix associated with the name of this medium is the pleasure.In short, this posture stretches the body is not.It simply helps to focus on your breathing.You have to sit cross-legged in this position and get on your hands.Knees Raise your arms as you inhale and exhale has dropped This position helps strengthen the muscles of the hip and lower back.

Bhujangasana / Cobra
To perform this exercise, you have to be first in the stomach. The arms should be positioned on the sides of the body and the legs attached. Palms should be placed close to the chest.

Found: shutterstock
Found: shutterstock
  • In the first phase, it is necessary to raise the head as high as possible. Lower back should be supported maintaining tight buttocks.
  • In the process of raising your head and supporting your back, open your chest.
  • In this position, the spinal cord is stretched. You have to breathe slowly several times in this position.
  • After breathing for a while, “head down to its original position.
  • The head should be lifted again according to the above procedure. The only difference or change currently being made is lifting / supporting the body in your arms.
  • The spinal cord is stretched further by this procedure. However, it is recommended to stretch the spine only to the point where you feel comfortable.
  • The only thing to keep in mind when doing this exercise is that the basin should not exceed the surface of the soil.

Breathing Yoga for Beginners
Nadi Shodhana or alternative nostril mouth is the best breathing exercise to begin with. You should sit in a cross-legged position to perform this breathing exercise. The index and middle fingers of the right hand should be folded. The thumb, ring finger and pinky comes into play in this breathing exercise. The following instructions as a guide in the process of performing the breathing exercise.

  • Thumb should be used to close the right nostril. You have to inhale through the left nostril.
  • The next step is to close the left nostril with the ring finger and pinky. Once the left nostril is closed, the exhalation is performed through the right nostril.
  • This process should be repeated 5-10 times.

Yoga that is posed for beginners
The following yoga poses can be made.

Tadasana / Tadasana Mountain
or mountain is a good pose posa for beginners. This yoga posture helps to improve balance, posture and body awareness. This yoga may seem seemingly easy, but try it highlights the efforts needed to implement correctly. It should be such that the feet are put together. To begin with, you have to stand on tiptoe. The heels should be raised in the air. The pubic bone is moved forward a bit and chest raised up and out. Your hands should be on top of the head. You have to breathe slowly more than 5-10 times in this position and lower the body.

Chandrasana / Crescent Moon
This position can be achieved by standing in Tadasana or mountain pose. In this position, the feet should be placed firmly on the floor, unlike the Tadasana posture, heels should touch the floor. The fingers should be interconnected and the index facing up. The body should be curved to the left while the right side is reserved. This position should be achieved with expiration. You have to stay in that position for 2-6 breaths. Then the body has to be returned to its original position. The same exercise is repeated on the other side of the body.

The other yoga poses that can be reached in an upright position are Garudasana / Eagle, Utkatasana / President, Utthita Up Padangusthasana / hand extended to the feet, etc.

To achieve / achieve basic yoga postures for beginners in the previous numbers, you should pay attention to the instructions correctly. If you are not sure how to do the exercise, he / she should seek expert guidance.

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