WWE Hell In A Cell Results: Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE Hell In A Cell PPV event:

Hardy went right after him and landed some shoulder blocks but Orton landed some right hands and uppercuts. Orton sent Hardy flying off the apron into the cage. Hardy fought back and sent him a few times into the cage.

Hardy got a table out from under the ring and put it in the ring. Orton connected with a clothesline to Hardy. However, Hardy kicked the table into the gut of Orton then with a ladder a few times. Orton hit him in the back with a chair. Orton went for an RKO onto a chair but Hardy reversed and jumped off the chair with a dive bouncing Orton off the cell.

Hardy with a spinning kick then a jumping kick in the corner. Orton fought back with strikes and hit a superplex off the top rope for 2. Hardy fought back and set up a ladder upside down outside of the ring and Orton suplexed him face first onto it. Back in the ring, Orton covered him for 2 then hit him in the pack with a chair a few times. Hardy’s belt come undone and Orton used it as a weapon. Orton put him inside of the ladder then kicked it and followed up with a headlock but Hardy fought out with strikes. Hardy with a low drop kick for 2. Orton blocked the Twist of Fate and hit a scoop slam for 2. Orton got into a toolbox and found a screwdriver then put it through the ear of Hardy and twisted it. Hardy got out of it by hitting a low blow then whipped him a few times with his belt and some chair shots.

As a result, Orton’s back bruised pretty good and bleeding. Hardy went to the top rope but Orton knocked him down. Orton with the second rope DDT and went for an RKO but Hardy blocked and hit the Twist of Fate. Hardy put a chair on the chest of Orton and hit the Swanton Bomb for 2. Orton is now bleeding from his leg. Hardy put another table in the ring and set up a ladder. Hardy with a Twist of Fate then put him on the table. Hardy climbed the ladder then grabbed onto the cell and fell but Orton moved and Hardy crashed through the table. The referee asked for EMT’s to come out but Orton told him to count and Orton covered him for the win.

Winner: Orton.

After the match, Hardy was put on a stretcher and sent to the back.

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