WWE Evolution Results: #1 Contender Battle Royal

The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE Evolution PPV event:

Everyone attacked Kay and Royce and tossed them over the top rope as soon as the match started. The younger stars surrounded the legends and a brawl broke out. Deville eliminated Holly with a head kick. Rose eliminated Kelly Kelly and then Wilson followed by Deville who was taunting on the apron.

Jax suplexed Blaze over the top rope for the elimination. Maria with a bronco buster to Snuka in the corner before Jax headbutted her off the apron for the elimination. Snuka and Jax had a stare down in the ring until Lana walked up and they started clearing house. Lana tried to attack them but they hit a double headbutt then tossed her out of the ring for the elimination. Jax with a suplex to Snuka. There was a big suplex spot involving multiple women.

Carmella eliminated Rose after a dance off. Moon eliminated Broke while McCool hit a big boot to Moon, who went for a spring board move. Moon eliminated McCool with a drop kick. Asuka and Naomi used a double team drop kick move until Snuka reversed it and sent Naomi to the floor. Moon eliminated Carmella with a punch. Ivory with a crossbody off the top rope then Ivory went to the top rope but Asuka knocked her to the floor. Asuka and Moon got into a striking exchange before Moon eliminated Asuka. Snuka planted Snuka with a side slam.

Moon hit her finisher to Snuka and eliminated her. We are down to Moon and Jax and Vega. This led to Vega trying to eliminate the two girls but Jax stopped her. Jax tossed Vega to the floor. Jax took a few clotheslines before planting her to the ground with a spinebuster and then eliminated her to win the match.

Winner: Nia Jax

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