Winter storm could swarm southern US states with debilitating snow, ice and freezing rain

A winter storm is coming to the US — and it’s heading for the South.

A swarm of snow, ice and freezing rain will sweep across the country from the Southeast to the southern plains later this week or early next week.

Meteorologists expect rain and thunderstorms to slowly progress over the southeastern states on Saturday.

Some parts of south central states, like Tennessee and Kentucky, will see snow accumulate between 3 to 6 inches.

The worst of the debilitating snow is expected to hit North Carolina, parts of West Virginia, and southern Virginia with approximately 12 to 18 inches of snow.

Northern parts of Georgia and South Carolina might be met with heavy snowfall as well.

“In areas from central and western North Carolina to parts of southern West Virginia and southwestern and south-central Virginia, this will be a major storm with the potential for a foot or more of snow,” according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Brian Wimer.

An icy mix is expected to fall in areas from the easternmost parts of Tennessee and northeastern Georgia to the South Carolina midlands, eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.

Sleet and freezing rain poses some safety concerns as it is dangerous for drivers, and an accumulation of ice could weight down trees and power lines, Accuweather reported.

Widespread power outages are expected in regions with heavy wet snow, or those with both heavy wet snow and freezing rain.

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