Why Is Wrestling So Addictive?

Everyone reading this article right now is either obsessed with professional wrestling or knows someone close to them who is obsessed with it. Why is that? Why is pro wrestling more addicting to watch than any other sport or any other TV show? Why is it that my mind is constantly bombarded by my favorite wrestling memories, why my friend’s wardrobe is dominated by wrestling tees, and why my brother chose to blast Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme song while on AUX duty in the car? It is because wrestling is the perfect mix between theatre and sports and if you go in with an open mind, wrestling has a little something for everybody. Why are we all absolutely hooked on sports entertainment? Here’s why


It is my humble opinion that one can sit down on the couch and watch any wrestling match and be entertained… to an extent. I believe the real emotion and reason somebody is invested in wrestling in the first place is the opportunity to root for a diverse group of characters that all stand for different things, have different values, different styles, and different dispositions from one another. From the vibrant colors to the high flyers to the anti authority figures, finding wrestlers that you vibe with, based on their gimmick, is one of the most important and easiest ways to feel connected to wrestling. One of the reasons we tune in every week: We want to see our favorite characters!


In addition to characters, the storylines they are involved in go hand in hand. The bizarre and sometimes ridiculous storylines that we see on screen not only give meaning and justification to the action we see in the ring, but intrigue us fans. Just like your favorite book or movie, pro wrestling involves storylines as well. Although the acting may not be on par with the Oscar winners you see on the big screen, the type of drama that emerges from the depths of creative can spur deep emotion. For example, Daniel Bryan overcoming the Authority at Wrestlemania 30 and winning the World Title was WWE’s most compelling storyline of the last decade. I have never been so involved and attached to a storyline before. I felt like a young child again while watching that program and that is another reason why we are so strongly drawn to this phenomenon we call wrestling. The storylines allow us to escape from everyday life, deepen our connection with our favorite characters, and gives us a break from the brutality in the ring that we see so often.

The Moves

It’s 2018 and the in-ring product from around the world has NEVER been better. It isn’t arguable that the performers today are more agile, carry faster-paced matches, and must perform to a higher caliber to impress a tougher crowd. Whether it’s a flipping leap off the top-rope that takes your breath away, or a jaw dropping, earth shaking body slam, the in-ring action is one of the main reasons people get into wrestling as well. Simply, the acrobatic and painful looking moves look cool. They are pleasing to the eye, and the athletic spectacle of the sport has attracted other athletes from other sports such as Ronda Rousey and various NFL players. Not to mention, high spots like tables, chairs, or leaps of anything high give us fans a rush of adrenaline like nothing else.

Merchandise, Spectacle, Fans

Lastly, I think the final reason wrestling is so addicting is because of the way it has turned into a global phenomenon complete with TV networks, unlimited merchandise, thousands of promotions, pyrotechnics, and of course, the camaraderie that comes with being a wrestling fan. Whether you walk down the street in a wrestling shirt and receive a “Two Sweet” or see a fellow “Yes chanter”, the bond that wrestling fans hold with other fans, and the spectacle of the business, is unparalleled to any other fan base. The fans are encouraged to be active in shows, voice their opinions, cheer or boo their favorite wrestlers, and rep merchandise. When 100,000 fans from all around the world gather to see a singe show, the feeling is unlike anything else. Wrestling fans feel a sense of being at home when interacting with the promotion of their choice.

I could go on about this forever. There are literally hundreds of reasons why I can’t get enough of this sport, but damn do I love wrestling; and maybe for some of the same reasons as you.

Why do you love professional wrestling? Are you “addicted” to wrestling and if so, why do you think?

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