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Why Being Too Skinny Not Good For Your Health

Skinny peoples have more problems, apart from them not being able to attract the members of the opposite sex (due to the lack of physical attractiveness), being skinny is bad for one’s health as well! Now, in a world where skinny people , people think that it is far better being skinny than being fat. It is also commonly believed by most that skinny people are healthier. Well, it is an incorrect notion! Unfortunately, being too skinny for one’s liking is as much a health risk as being obese is. The sad part is that there is not much media attention in regard of our skinny friends.

Now, the human body, as it was designed by nature, requires proper intake of nutrients for proper cell function. Mostly, people who are too skinny blame it on their genetics for their condition, which is, being skinny. This in not entirely true in the sense that probably they are not eating the adequate diet or their diet is not as much “nutrient rich” as one wants it to be. Also, a body has its “self-repair” immune system which produces antibodies in order to prevent the illness and thousands of other diseases and viruses etc. which are present in our environment. Improper intake of nutrients makes a human body susceptible to these and then it takes longer than most to heal.

Health risks that these people are susceptible against include osteoporosis. It is a condition in which the bones become thin and porous. As one progresses towards the elderly age, the muscular tone tends to decrease simultaneously and hence the bones become vulnerable to breaking as they lack the adequate support system in the form of muscles in order to protect them.

Here comes the vital importance of calcium, vitamins, (especially vitamin D in the context of bones). In order to maintain strong bones throughout one’s lifetime, the adequate magnesium intake and also, Health Care Management weight bearing exercises is important. This in turn helps a body to prevent and counter-act against osteoporosis. I assume no one would wish to spend the last few days of their lives being in hospital or wheel chair.

Anemia is a health problem, especially in people who are underweight. Most of the time, the root cause is not eating a balanced diet which is rich in iron. Iron content in food is a lot easier to be assimilated into the body than the same iron content present in a fancy vitamin pill.

Health Care Management risks associated with being underweight varies in severity. A lot of hormones in the human body (eg. sex hormones and the hormones necessary for brain function), need fat to be properly transported throughout the nervous system. your body fat is also very low and may need to be improved as. One should strive to achieve a range of 6 to 17%. One should always keep these points in mind.

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