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What Kinds Of Cross Training Are Best For Runners

Cross training means the merging exercises of other regulations which seem to be different from that of athlete in training. Cross training happens  when the runner gets trained by undergoing other fitness with the use of equipments such as cycling, swimming, strength training, indoor rowing, walking, stair climbing, deep water running, elliptical trainers, plyometrics and more in order to complement running. Getting engaged in cross training will help greatly in enhanced fitness, wound avoidance, faster recovery and more and as well runner will perceptibly get power, stamina and stubbornness.

The workouts that are used in cross training can be separated into two approaches as,

  • Activities that complements running
  • Activities that enhance running

Cross training actions that complement running are,


It is non weight bearing activity and helps the joints and connective tissues to have a great break as well helps greatly in aerobic fitness.


Cycling indoors on stationary bike or outdoors is a low impact activity which helps highly in giving the body a big break from high impact of running.

Indoor rowing:

Indoor rowing is an amazing workout which helps in developing strength in quadriceps and hips. It as well helps to improve the upper body.

Stair Climbing:

Heading up stairs is an excellent workout for quads and hip flexors. It betters the muscle balance and lessens the injury hazard.


Walking is the best cross-training activity with low impact. It will make you brisk enough with cardio respiratory benefits.

Cross training actions that boosts running are,

Deep water running:

It is also called as pool running which means trying to run vigorously in deep water. This can be achieved by using aqua jogger device which is a floatation device.

Elliptical trainers:

Elliptical trainers are the well known cardio machines in the gym. It is weight bearing activity and have low impact on joints. It helps in developing runner core’s and leg muscles.

Key points for runners regarding cross trainers:

  • Try to select work out that is closest to running in order to enhance the muscles. Some of the best devices that suit this training will be water running, elliptical trainers, stationery bikes and more.
  • While performing cross training, remain your heart above 70 percent.
  • Do check your heart rate regularly in the morning.
  • Merge both cross training workouts and running in order to take advantage of the running fitness with less actual mileage.

Way to integrate cross-training in your fitness plan:

  • Make a start with the swimming pool workouts, but without risk for wounds.
  • Be dynamic and flexible in order to reduce the muscle friction.
  • Get healthy to achieve overall health.
  • Lose weight to shed some extra points.
  • Prevent injuries to have a healthy approach.

Running too much can lead to injury, so it is better to go with cross training activities in order to avoid the muscle break and injury. Make use of these effective workout machines and remain healthy as a lifelong runner.

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