What is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

O every minute or so someone in our company coughs. People around us coughs, sneezing, they say that can hard breath because of moist, air pressure, they talk about lack of shape…

However, in the crowd of people with that kind of symptoms we often don’t recognize silent enemy: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. About how serious this disease is says the fact that it is in the fourth place among death causes in USA. And yearly in the world from this disease dies 2, 75 million people.

If you cough at least 3 months a year and that lasts third year in a row, it is possible that you are suffering from this disease. Main symptom is feeling the lack of air that how time passes can be worse by that stadium that patient can’t do his daily routine. Risk factor for developing chronic bronchitis are: smoking and aero pollution, especially at winter time. Genetics also can affect this disease.


Main symptoms of this disease are coughing with slime and lack of air feeling.

If not treated chronic bronchitis can permanently reduce oxygen level in blood, so because of that in last stadium of the disease oxygen is needed.


How to diagnose disease?

Early diagnose of the disease is simple. Spirometry needs to be done, that is very simple method of measuring lung capacity. In 2000. there were 10 million sick people in the world from this disease, but spirometry proved that even 24 million were sick.

It is not that much to go to doctors and check your lungs because 20 minutes now can help you to prevent future carrying oxygen bottles with you all day long. Be smart, be healthy!

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