What Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Relationship Is Like in July 2021


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are two months into their renewed romance publicly, and E! and People‘s sources would like everyone to know that Bennifer is flourishing. The two outlets got intel on Lopez and Affleck’s first trip to the Hamptons together over the Fourth of July weekend, how he’s getting along with her family, and how J.Lo is generally feeling.

The report comes amid Lopez and Affleck being photographed together in their car in the Hamptons yesterday, while Lopez’s daughter Emme went shopping at a bookstore.

ben affleck and jennifer lopez


People was told by a source in a report published today that Lopez is doing great. “Their relationship is very strong. [She] is beyond happy [with Affleck],” the source said.

Affleck is getting along swimmingly with her 13-year-old twins Emme and Max, the source added, and Affleck’s own son with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, 9-year-old Samuel, is enjoying getting to know the twins and J.Lo, too. “Ben is slowly getting to know [Jennifer’s] kids, and his son is also spending time with Jennifer and her kids,” the source said.

E! got similar intel from its own source this week. The source spilled on their nice Hamptons trip and Affleck’s growing relationships with Lopez’s loved ones. “J.Lo and Ben seemed to enjoy being on the east coast and spending time at her beautiful home,” the source started. “It was a nice change of scene for them and a great time with friends and family.”

Affleck is really charming everyone in Lopez’s life, the source made clear: “Ben seems to really fit in with all of her friends and family. They have known him forever and they are all very happy to see Jennifer so happy with him.”

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