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What Does Recurring Dreams Mean For You In Real Life?

We all have dreams even though we may not what they mean. From Freud to Lacan, many psychoanalysts have tried to define dreams and give them meaning. However, for most of us, dreams do not tend to repeat, neither do we remember these dreams once we wake up. That’s one of the reasons why it is difficult to study. However, recent psychologists have tried to do it nonetheless. They tried to study the value of dreams in our lives by learning about the dreams of people who were under stress.

People under stress tend to have repetitive dreams. So, the psychologists went for stressed-out students anticipating an upcoming exam. The result of the study was mind-blowing. They found out that the children who had a negative dream about their exams, like failing it, actually passed with flying colors. On the other hand, children who did not have a negative dream were not able to fare as well. This study gives a brand-new understanding to dreams and hence, we can now understand the implications behind repetitive dreams. These are some of the repetitive dreams and what they mean:

Being Unable To Say Something

This is a common kind of dream. In this dream, you are either incapable of speaking out which means that your mouth is somehow glued or your teeth are falling off. Yes, it might seem really terrible but it actually shows a lot about you. It indicates that you are really shy inside and you have some major difficulties when you are trying to express yourself. As a result, your dream shows your self-esteem issues in this manner.

You are Falling

This is also a common dream. In this kind of dream, you are falling down a bottomless pit. You are afraid and you want to wake up but you can’t. You just keep on falling and you are afraid that you will be shattered when you hit the floor. But the floor never arrives. This indicates that you are worried and that there might be some problem that is coming up in your relationship or work.

Public Nudity

It looks really embarrassing even if you are experiencing it in a dream. Public nudity is not something to joke about. You feel stripped off and while you want to cover yourself up, you really can’t do it. This is a common dream if you are someone who has got a promotion or a new job. You are worried about your new life and wondering whether you will be capable of performing well or not.

Getting To meet a Celebrity

Dreams make the impossible possible. And so, you might dream that you are meeting a celebrity. It is a wonderful affair, but what does it mean to you personally. Well, a celebrity may indicate all the things that you aspire to be and that is why you meet someone who is popular in acting, music, or some other art. It could also mean a deep-seated need for recognition.

Being Chased

Sometimes, when we dream, we find that we are being chased. It confounds us in real life when we think about what we might be escaping from. According to psychologists, such a dream generally means that you have a problem in your head which you need to address fast.


There are some dreams which can have two completely different interpretations. If you often dream of flying, then it could mean two things according to psychologists. On one hand, it could mean that you are free and your dreams are showing that. Or it could mean that you are constrained and want to be free.

So, which dream do you dream often and what does it tell about you?

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