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What Causes Mens Hair Loss?

Men are more prone to shed hair loss than women, mainly due to the condition known as male pattern baldness. Reasons can vary from simple to complex.

The following are some common or unusual main causes of hair loss in men:

Physical stress: Whatever be the reason for physical stress, be it an accident, surgery or severe illness even a flu, it can trigger hair loss in men. This type of hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium. Ever hair has a cyclical life: a phase of growth, a phase of resting and a phase of shedding.  When you undergo physical trauma, it will push hair to the shedding phase. Hair loss manifests three to five months after the stressful event.

Excess of Vitamin A: Excessive consumption of Vitamin A supplement will lead to hair loss.  This is   a reversible condition, and hair growth resumes when Vitamin A supplements are regulated.

Protein deficiency: If your diet is deficient of protein, your body will shut down growth of hair in order to ration the valuable proteins. This usually happens two to three months after you cut protein intake. To counter this, increase your intake of milk, fish, eggs and meat. There are also vegetarian sources of protein like Soya Bean.

Male type of baldness: By the time they hit sixty, two thirds of men undergo hair loss and often it is a case of male pattern baldness. Caused by a lethal combination of sex hormones and genes, this type of hair loss follows a typical pattern with hair receding at the temples resulting in an M shape. The alternatives to counter this type of hair loss is a topical cream (Minoxidil) or medication (Finasteride) that reduces hair loss or surgical methods like transplanting or grafting hair.

Heredity: Men are prone to hair loss if they have baldness in their genes. Hereditary causes of baldness have largely been recognized, but not completely validated.

Emotional stress: It is less impactful than physical stress. But it certainly affects loss of hair. Events like divorce or death of a loved one or looking after an elderly parent are all stressful and so cause can bring in emotional stress. While emotional stress does not directly cause hair loss, it can aggravate existing conditions. Like hair loss caused by physical stress, this caused by emotional stress will also come to an end. Combat emotional stress with exercise, counseling or group therapy

Hypothyroidism: It is a medical term for a low performing thyroid gland. This small gland located in the neck is responsible for regulating metabolism, and development and growth. When it pumps less hormones than normal, it causes hair loss. This condition can be alleviated by consuming thyroid medication.

Vitamin B Deficiency: Lack of vitamin B can also precipitate hair loss, so a corrective diet should do the trick.

Auto-immune related hair loss: Caused by an overactive immune system, it is also called as Alopecia Areata. By mistake, the immune system sees hair as a foreign object and attacks it. Another autoimmune condition is Lupus where similarly overzealous cells of the immune system target the hair.

Dramatic weight loss: Sudden loss of weight will cause hair loss.

Chemotherapy: Cancer cells are treated with radiation, which destroys hair follicles all through the body.

Anti-depressants, Beta Blockers: Classes of medication like Anti-depressants or Beta Blockers can cause hair loss in men.

These are some of the leading causes of men’s hair loss.

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