Virgo Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

Whether you’re spinning your wheels or driving in high gear, this week brings major acceleration for your professional life. On Thursday, June 10, the solar (new moon) eclipse in Gemini electrifies your tenth house of ambition and success. You won’t need to be pushy or competitive to advance, Virgo. Gemini’s affable vibes favor people who lead with their curiosity. You may get called in to interview for a dream job or hear of an opening within your company. New moons bring fresh starts, and over the six months ruled by this lunation, you can make a giant stride in an exciting direction.

But surprise! This fresh-start energy could come with a plot twist. Eclipses point us to opportunities that are hiding in plain sight. Something (or someone) you overlooked may hold the key to your advancement. That’s good reason to look beyond the usual suspects and see what other people have been cooking up. Nurture relationships now and by the time the full moon in Gemini arrives on December 18, you could have a bona fide angel in your corner. If you’re already tight with this impresario, get on their books ASAP. It’s not necessary to barrel in with a pitch deck; in fact, keep the conversation open-ended. Catching up organically will reveal the best possibilities, without all the pressure to perform!

Be as laser focused as you can, because on Friday, June 11, action planet Mars downshifts into Leo and your twelfth house of R-n-R, giving you cosmic permission to hit the snooze button. And for the first time in a long time, your hard-working sign is eager to do just that! Mars hasn’t visited this sector of your chart for two years, and you may be reaching burnout. Don’t look at this seven-week “forced slowdown” as a waste of time. On the contrary! This is a super-rare and important opportunity to unwind, recharge your batteries, reconnect to your soul (or muse) and prepare for the whirlwind that is coming when Mars bursts into Virgo from July 29 to September 14. So resist the temptation to launch into a raft of new projects and use this breather to wrap up unfinished business—and maybe do some forgiveness work or inner healing.

Build a lot of unstructured free time into your calendar and try to schedule meetings and appointments for the afternoon so you can let yourself sleep a little later. Dreamtime could be full of rich material to mine, so keep a journal on your nightstand and linger in bed, recalling and recording as much as you can. Over these seven weeks, you may become quite masterful at working with your night visions!

On Sunday, the disruptive square from quixotic Neptune throws the Sun off his goal-focused game. The very people you need to help you advance may prove uncooperative or unreliable. Rally Team Virgo as best you can, but accept the fact that some things are beyond even your control. Warning: You may feel pressure to prove yourself by taking on extra work or doing favors that cut into your weekend. A rule of thumb worth remembering? If you have to sacrifice an important plan or your commitment to self-care, you’re probably on the wrong path. Honoring your highest values is the path to long-term victory for your ethical sign.

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