Update on the future possible sale of WWE Network

The WWE Network is WWE‘s streaming service where all their content is made available. With the exception of their televised programming, which comes to the Network after a few weeks of being broadcast on television, the rest of their product is often live streamed or uploaded onto the Network for their subscribers. Over the last few years, there has been speculation that WWE may have a plan to sell the WWE Network.

However, that is not the case. During the recent Third-Quarter Earnings Call, President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan addressed the future of the WWE Network. There, he stated that there were plans for the future of the WWE Network, which would see the Network evolve in different directions, but that it would not be sold.

Future of the WWE Network

Nick Khan announced that there were conversations in place currently for ‘alternative strategic options’ regarding the content on WWE Network. There were plans to sell the rights for WWE Network content to major streaming platforms so that the content would be available, not only on the Network, but outside as well.

Later, when the floor was opened up to the callers about, one of the callers asked about the plans that were in place for the WWE Network and if the Network would be sold.

Michael Weitz noted that WWE was looking for a licensing deal but they would not be selling the WWE Network streaming service. He added that WWE was in talks with various players about licensing the Network content on other platforms, in domestic and international markets.

One of the callers also asked about the WWE TV deal for NXT with the USA Network, and the question was about how long NXT deal would last before expiring.

While an exact day for the expiry of the deal was not provided, Khan commented on the Wednesday night television show, and went on to praise Triple H for bringing in the ratings that he has for NXT. Khan also added that the deal with USA Network had a long runway, indicating that it was not close to expiring any time soon.

NXT shows are added on the Network the day after they air on USA Network.

Published 30 Oct 2020, 18:23 IST


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