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Top 5 Vegetables High In Fiber

Many dietitian recommend following a fiber rich  to lose weight. So what is high fiber diet and how will it help you lose weight? Vegetables High In Fiber  A high fiber diet includes maintaining the ideal fiber need of the body i.e. between 25-30 gm every day by eating foods rich in fiber.

A high fiber diet helps in proper digestion and leads to a good metabolism which is a basic requirement of weight loss. It also makes you feel full for longer. Fiber also helps in controlling cholesterol and sugar levels in blood thus preventing heart disease. High In Fiber Including vegetables is one of the easiest ways to incorporate fiber in your diet as vegetables contain the highest fiber content per Kcal. So, to help you with your diet here are 5 high fiber vegetables you can easily fit in your diet

Peas: Peas are a very good source of fiber. A cup of cooked peas contains around 8 gm of fiber. Peas can easily be included in countless recipes and are available throughout the year. So include either fresh, canned of frozen peas in your diet for a nutritious and high fiber meal.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are easily available and inexpensive. High In Fiber Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin B6, C and D and also rich in fiber. A cup of boiled sweet potatoes have around 5.9 gm of fiber. You can add them to soups or grill them or even puree them to use in smoothies and beaked products.

Broccoli: Broccoli is another vegetable with high fiber content. One cup of boiled broccoli has 5.1gm of fiber. High In Fiber This tasty vegetable is packed with many vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C and A as well as calcium and folic acid. Include broccoli in roasted or steamed form or you can also include it in your salads.

Sweet Corn: Sweet corn is the starchy vegetable full of many health benefits. One cup of sweet corn gives you around 4.4 gm of fiber along with vitamin A and potassium.  High In Fiber Pair sweet corn with other vegetables or you can also take it in form of soup. As sweet corn also has high carbohydrate content, be careful of the amount you eat

Spinach: Spinach is the source of Popeye’s power. It is full of essential nutrients and has low carbs and high fiber content. High In Fiber A half cup of raw spinach contains 3.5 gm of fiber. Include spinach in your salad or blend it with other veggies for a fresh vegetable juice. You can also use spinach in steamed form. In any way spinach is only going to help you with vital nutrients and fiber.

So these are top five fiber rich vegetables that are not so expensive and are readily available. So if you are following a high fiber diet slowly increase your fiber intake by including these vegetables and other high fiber foods, also be careful to not add a lot of extra fiber at once as it will lead to discomfort in form of gas and bloating.

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