Tommy Dreamer Offers Take On WWE Visiting Saudi Arabia

WWE will be making a controversial trip to Saudi Arabia this weekend (Fri., November 2, 2018). The professional wrestling juggernaut will hold their Crown Jewel event in the middle east, despite the controversy going on within the country due to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Some Superstars such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan have even pulled out of the event due to the controversy. Cena was expected to participate in the WWE World Cup, while Bryan was to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Title. Instead, both men have been replaced.

ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer offered his thoughts on the matter in a lengthy post on his Facebook page. Here’s what he had to say:

“In 1995 WCW went to North Korea
over 150,000 fans attended
All the political turmoil was put aside
People were united for a moment in time through professional wrestling
I was part of the 1st LIVE gathering after 9/11
I was confused, scared, angry
It was Vince McMahon who told everyone it was our choice if we wanted to perform and he said Its our jobs(the wrestlers) to help put smiles on people faces and help people heal.
I cried when Lillian Garcia sang The National Anthem. I felt patriotism for the first time.
The most horrific event on US soil that changed all of our lives and it was wrestling for me (then baseball Mike Piazza HR) that helped me heal. We will never forget but we did smile & begin to heal as a community. A wrestling community.
I know the world was different in 1995 and before 9/11/2001 social media wasnt as strong as it is. Peoples agendas weren’t pushed,
Just giving my opinion of wrestling and the entire WWE Saudi Arabia show
From my personal perspective
We never stopped something in our country when something horrible happened.
All the wrestlers that I know that went said they had a great time and the kids made it worth it.
Putting smiles on peoples faces is our job
Thank you Vince”

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