To all those people who said BUSY was a good excuse not to start or continue wit…

To all those people who said BUSY was a good excuse not to start or continue with a home business venture… well – this Homeschooling Mom is happy to be proving ALLLLL of that wrong. . . Ive realized that – its not about how BUSY you are that determines your success… its about heart love for helping others PASSION to maintain your own health and just plain being consistent. And it does not have to be done perfectly – in fact that would be boring. . . Maybe I dont work at the SAME time of day for the SAME amount of hours each day like I did before… but I have been doing my BEST each day keeping my priorities straight showing up for my KIDS and my peeps and doing what I CAN when I can. . . Today so far we did Bible stories school gym class workout time got Carpet ripped out now we are chilling for an hour watching Halloween Cartoons while I check in with my team put the finishing touches on our 21 Days of Gratitude and Fitness Challenge and post a NEW Workout video for you on my like page (The Fitness Buzz)… . . Busy YES – but sooooo fulfilled!! I figure if youre going to be busy anyway You might as well fill your life with health fitness helping others and building a financial future for your family. . . Dont let busy hold of you back! Yes of course learn how to say NO but when your GUT says GO GO GO – I say LISTEN!! . . If it were only a business – It wouldve been easy for me to say this is too much work But Coaching is so much more than that! Its a lifestyle passion and honestly – being involved with coaching keeps our whole family ON TRACK. . . We have a new coach success group forming for the month of November and we still have room for a few more people who are ready to start making a difference with us. . . It cant hurt to learn more right? Comment yes!!

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