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Tips On How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

Most people gain weight easily and it’s difficult for them to imagine how skinny people find it difficult to add on pounds. There are people who can’t gain weight, no matter how hard they try, sometimes because of their genetic body structure and are constantly looking for ways on how to gain weight. As far as the fitness world goes, weight gain should be achieved through natural techniques though you may find medicines or machines that are equally effective. Here are a few tips for people who are thoroughly fed up with trying to gain weight and failing. These tips should help you to gain weight the natural way.

1. It might be tempting for you to eat greasy or junk food because of their high calorie levels. But that’s not the healthy way to gain weight. Saturated fats present in these foods may be calorie-rich, but are not good for your body. So please keep away from junk food and eat nourishing food that will do you well.

 Concentrate on increasing calorie levels in your daily intake in order to gain weight effectively. Keep protein as a base and obtain the rest of your daily cal requirement from a healthy combination of carbohydrates and fats since protein alone cannot supplement your calorie levels. The proportion of each of these factors may vary, but ideally your daily diet should have an adequate serving of carbohydrates, say in the form of brown rice or wheat and enough fats, say like a cup of peanuts. Each individual vary in his or her tolerance levels; some can manage a diet rich in carbohydrates while others may need to reduce their carb content and slightly increase the fat content in their daily diet. You can estimate the calorie level you need to intake per day by multiplying your weight by the number 15.

2. Snacking between meal times
If you really want to gain weight, consider snacking on protein rich high calorie shake in between meals. This shake would ideally be rich in protein content in a juice or milk shake form with either peanut butter, banana or any fruit you like. Have a snack shake in the interval between your breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner.

3. Omega 3 fatty acids contain many essential nutrients required for a healthy body. Try to include foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, fish and walnuts in your diet. Proteins are present in nuts, lean meats, legumes and marine food. A protein rich diet will help your body gain weight and also bestow lots of other benefits. Include carbohydrates in the form of whole wheat bread and cereals. Fruits and vegetables like pineapple, mango, lemons, berries, lettuce, bean sprouts and tomatoes are also to be essentially included in your daily food intake.

4. Check out how many calories you are eating at present and try to add 500 calories more to this for your weight gain diet. So if your daily intake is around 1700 calories, your new diet should include 2200 calories of nourishing food. Try eating six small meals a day instead of 3 heavy sessions. This way, you can eat more and add on some weight naturally.

5. Make sure to incorporate weight gaining supplements such as proteins and meal replacement supplements in your diet. Proteins help in growth of muscles and increase your muscle weight, thereby your weight. You would be gaining more weight through muscles weight than through fat. Weight gainers meals are not just sources of proteins, they are also rich in nourishing calories. Sometimes, these meals offer you three times the calories content you get out of a normal meal. So it’s absolutely beneficial to try out these weight gainers.

6. Weight training is a good way to gain weight. Do some high-intensity workout and weight lifting to build muscles and add bulk. Weight lifting and resistance training would support your weight gain goals much better than cardio training. Cardio leads to usage of calories; this may be detrimental to your goals.

7. Find yourself a partner to exercise with to enjoy your routine and stick to your schedule. You can motivate each other when one partner feels tired or bored. Most of all, you’d be able to stick to fixed routine and maintain the self discipline required in an exercise system. It has been proved that following a particularly routine continuously for 40 days makes the routine embedded in our minds and henceforth, it becomes a habit. This is why people who want to quit smoking or other addictions are willing to go on cold turkey for 40 days to get cured of their obsession.

8. Last but not the least, make sure you get adequate rest. it has rested well. Get enough sleep every day to give your body time to heal and grow. It has been proved that muscles normally develop when the body’s resting, not when you’re working out. So, to gain weight, make certain that you get enough relaxation.

Gaining weight comes naturally to most people while a minority of the population struggles to add on even a few pounds.  Health Care Management However, you need not worry. A healthy equation of a nourishing diet, proper workout techniques and adequate rest should solve your weight problem. So say goodbye to fancy diets and welcome the natural route to gaining weight.

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