Tiktok star DoggFace208 grooves to Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ to celebrate Lakers’ victory 

Nathan Apodaca, aka DoggFace208 celebrated the Los Angeles Lakers’ recent victory, by skateboarding to the classic beats of Queen’s ‘We are The Champions’.

The TikTok star who went on to become an overnight sensation. 37-year old Nathan Apodaca’s life has witnessed a complete turnaround ever since his Fleetwood Mac Cranberry Juice video went viral last month.

In the video which has now received more than a million views, Apodaca, known by his TikTok handle DoggFace208, can be seen cruising along the streets on a skateboard, as he lip syncs to Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit ‘Dreams’.

Two weeks later,DoggFac208 is back at it, doing what he does best, and this time it involves one of the most famous sporting anthems, Queen’s ‘We are The Champions’:

Sporting the classic Purple and Gold Jersey of the Lakers, DoggFace208 can be spotted skateboarding into the sunset and lip syncing to the infectious charm of the evergreen Queen song.

The viral clip has so far received more than 200K likes and almost 50K retweets, as several took reacted to the ‘Ocean Spray guy’ , once again setting vibe goals for all of us.

The story of DoggFace208: From Idaho Potato worker to TikTok sensation

The rise in popularity of Nathan Apodaca, aka DoggFace208, has been immense over the past few weeks, as everyone from the Ocean Spray CEO to Mick Fleetwood, himself have been paying homage by recreating the TikTok star’s viral video.

In addition to receiving a brand new cranberry pick-up truck from Ocean Spray, DoggFace208 has also started his own line of merchandise – which has already raked in more than $30,000 in profits so far!

Now, his celebratory video in response to the Los Angeles Lakers’ record-tying 17th NBA championship is breaking the internet. He can be spotted wearing a no. 8 Kobe Bryant jersey and instead of Cranberry Juice, sips some Chardonnay right from the bottle.

Check out some of the reactions online to DoggFace208’s latest viral video:

With his recent take on Queen trending on Twitter, the legend of DoggFace208 continues to shine as bright as ever.

Published 12 Oct 2020, 23:39 IST

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