#throwbackthursday to the VERY FIRST time y.paramo_entertainment ever dressed up…

#throwbackthursday to the VERY FIRST time y.paramo_entertainment ever dressed up in costume together over 10 years ago! It was before we got married and long before we started cosplaying. These were our Halloween costumes that year. For those of you who actually take the time to read what I write you get a nice reward right now…. Does this costume look familiar? I often get asked how I made my Gambit Cosplay. Well this suit was used as the base! I originally only got it because all the accessories were really nice as I found the muscle suit unnecessary. Fast forward almost a decade later I decided to do Gambit and had the idea to use this but was nervous about destroying it because it might not come out right. It took tons of sealing and paint to get it to hold color and turn hard because its a fleshy material as well as it took many adjustments to fit better and to increase mobility for doing stunt work. After I learned EVA foam techniques I changed out the fabric cardboard and duct tape() for foam plastic and rubber to finish the cowls boots and belt (scroll to see the evolutions of this cosplay). Since then I repaired and re-did a few more things to improve what I wasn’t satisfied with after the upgrade. That is the story of how I created my favorite cosplay and I felt that I got lucky….I had never dreamed how great it would have come out. It has inspired many more cosplayers to build their own Gambits using similar techniques where previously it used to be almost an unattainable project for the novice builder and as a result rarely done. Welp I think its time to build some new Gambit Versions now that my building skill set has grown. Plans now in progress. . . #Gambitcosplay#xmengambit#xmen#xmen92#cards#poker#cajun#boots#armor#artist#cosplay#marvelcosplay#menofcosplay#instacosplay#mutantandproud#comics#xmencosplay#comiccon#halloween#zorro#xmencosplay#gambit#marvel#comics#weathering#cosplayupgrade

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