The 27 Best Hoop Earrings That Always Seem to Be On-Trend

The 27 Best Hoop Earrings That Always Seem to Be On-Trend


We’ve seen so many jewelry trends come and go over the years, but one style that seems to eternally thrive in the spotlight is hoop earrings. Even despite fashion’s notoriously rapid trend cycle, the silhouette has remained a go-to for brands and designers alike. While it’s been a quintessential part of streetwear culture for decades, more recently hoops have evolved into a mainstream it-girl staple with labels like Jennifer Fisher and Laura Lombardi having a hand in its increasing popularity.

For me, hoop earrings have been a major part of my everyday jewelry collection. With so many ear piercings I can barely keep count, at any given time my lobes are stacked with groups of small diamond huggies to large metal hoops. At this point, you could call me a hoarder (which I also attribute to my obsession with Sade). It would be fair to call me an expert at scouting them, so I thought I’d put my skills to good use and curate the best pairs to shop for you. From Baublebar to Bottega Veneta, to minimalist and trendy, keep reading to check out all of the hoops that made my heart skip a beat.

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