The 16 Best Serums for Redness That Really Work

The 16 Best Serums for Redness That Really Work


I’ve never really had to deal with skin redness that much before—just a little bit on my nose, and that’s it. My main skincare woe is dryness. But recently, my skin has become redder than usual, which has been, of course, very annoying in combination with the dryness. I don’t know if it’s just my skin changing over time or the change in weather (or both), but I’ve found I have to use concealer more and more to cover up red spots.

While concealer is a must-have for me these days, it only covers up the problem as a temporary fix. So I’ve been experimenting with different skincare products to target inflamed, red skin. I tried to switch up my face wash. I applied more moisturizer. I made sure to apply sunscreen diligently. But there’s one product that made a big difference, and that was a serum. I’ve always used serums for extra hydration before but never realized they could provide some redness relief. These lightweight and hydrating formulas have been game changers for me—especially when they’re formulated to target redness. After a few uses, I’ve noticed the redness has subsided and my skin looks and feels more hydrated and healthier.

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