The 15 Best Body Shimmers We're Wearing in 2021

The 15 Best Body Shimmers We’re Wearing in 2021


I have a very distinct memory of a chunky blue body shimmer I used sometime circa 2005. I remember the hard plastic rollerball, the saccharine scent, and the gel-like consistency of the liquid inside. I think I bought it at the mall with some money my mom gave me. I would swipe it up and down my arms whenever I wanted a little something extra that my pastel eyeshadow, frosted lip gloss, and butterfly clips couldn’t deliver.

I look back on that fondly, especially now that early-2000s beauty is back in full force (I never thought I’d see the day, but French manicures and flipped ends are once again in). The same goes for my beloved body shimmer, as some of my most favorite beauty brands have recently released grown-up iterations of this early-2000s staple. These new body shimmers are modern and luxurious, yet just as eye-catching and collectible as those from yesteryear. Flimsy packaging, chunky glitter, and cheap formulations have been replaced with subtle shimmer that’s imbued with good-for-skin ingredients. Keep scrolling to see 16 of the best grown-up body shimmers to use all summer long. 

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