The 12 Biggest Nail Color Trends We're Spotting in 2021

The 12 Biggest Nail Color Trends We’re Spotting in 2021


Like our wardrobes, it’s time for our nails to emerge from hibernation. After over a year of naked nails and less-than-stellar DIY designs (hey, we did our best), nail salons are now safely back open, and it’s officially time to have a little fun with our manicures again. And from throwback 2000s-inspired colors to suddenly chic cow-print nail art, seemingly nothing is off-limits. But if you’re anything like me—that is, still reusing the same press-on kit you impulse-bought last summer—you may want to brush up on the shades that are trending right now, just in case.

I slid into the DMs of 12 editors, designers, and other in-the-know people I keep up with in the fashion industry to find out the exact nail polish shades gracing their fingertips right now. What I Iearned: They’re wearing summery brights, classic neutrals, and more than a few different shades of lilac. Keep scrolling to see what they’re loving, and to find your new go-to color.

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