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What It’s Like to Date a Devout Christian When You’re Gay

I knew from the beginning that my ex-girlfriend, L, was magic and her unique relationship to God made my experience of her all the more holy. What I never realized, however, was how much L’s Christian faith affected me personally during our time together. Like most things, this was revealed to me after its ending.

Dr Miriam Stoppard: If you’re over 70 then ‘medical decline’ means you should be shielding – Miriam Stoppard

Some readers in the 70+ age group have sent letters to me expressing shock that they may have to stay in lockdown until there’s a vaccine. Some complain it’s unfair that people should be judged solely on a number: their age and they feel there’s no justification for it. I’m sorry but there is. The

Eat This If You Have Hair Loss, Brittle Nails Or You’re Not Sleeping

The adrenal glands are of high importance for the entire body. These small layered glands reside on top of your kidneys. In fact, they are important for healthy kidney function and the production of hormones – particularly stress hormones and sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone). The adrenal glands release several hormones, like steroids and adrenaline.

Make-up artist shares top skincare hacks – and three mistakes you’re making

A make-up artist who suffered with severe acne as an adult shared her top tips for achieving glowing skin in lockdown. Being in lockdown could actually impact our skin for a number of reasons, some including a change of diet, sleep pattern and a lack of vitamin D. Ella Gorton, 26, a beautician from Salford,