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Gucci Decides on Seasonless Fashion Shows Twice a Year

It’s no secret that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the push the fashion industry needed to clean up its act. Now that everything from garment supply chains to performative fashion shows are in desperate need of restructuring, who will be the voices of fashion’s future? Gucci’s Alessandro Michele is one person leading that conversation and thinks

Why My Family Is Considering Homeschooling Next Year

The pandemic has wreaked havoc inside homes across the globe. We’re very lucky to have our health and safety amidst all this. We’ve also been blessed with a few perks: Our family connection is much stronger and, strangely, my kids become more intrinsically motivated to learn. This factor alone has pushed me to seriously consider

Dr Miriam Stoppard: Hopes for a cigarette-free England by the year 2030 – Miriam Stoppard

When I was working in ­Singapore, the then Prime Minister was rolling out his ­programme to make the island a smoke-free zone. I witnessed first-hand the draconian measures he employed to coerce the population to quit, including fines for smoking in the street and schoolchildren being taught how to ­discourage their parents from smoking (say