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16 Home Remedies & Medical Treatments

Stretch marks are common among women after pregnancy. You might have fine lines mostly in the areas prone to fat accumulation like breast, hips, arms, abdomen, tummy and thighs. They may develop due to hormonal changes or sudden fat loss in these regions. Here, MomJunction tells you how to get rid of stretch marks through

Natural Treatments To Strengthen Your Nails

Hands are like a business card, so you need to know how to take care for them. Don’t pay attention only for the skin, but for your nails also. Here are 6 natural treatments to strengthen your nails and help you to get a healthy and beautiful ones: Olive Oil To Strengthen Your nails:Brittle nails

Weirdest Hollywood beauty treatments including fish eggs, bee venom and bird poo

At the heart of Hollywood lies a plethora of health and beauty fads Celebrities fork out thousands on the latest trends in the hope they hold the secret to optimum health and eternal youth. Earlier this year NHS England Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens singled out Gwyneth Paltrow for promoting “dubious wellness products and dodgy

Best hay fever remedies for 2020 including natural treatments and nasal sprays

With around 18 million hay fever sufferers in Britain, the warmer months can be a dreadful time for suffers as streaming eyes and noses take hold. According to Met Office predictions we’re set for more hot weather, but with warm temperatures already here you may have started to get the sniffles. As spring gets underway