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Low-Calorie Summer Cocktails | POPSUGAR Fitness

It doesn’t matter where you are — poolside, hanging out in a nice air-conditioned home, or chilling on the front porch — there’s something exceptionally satisfying about an ice-cold ultrarefreshing cocktail in your hand on a sweltering summer day. The only downside is that throwing back a few drinks can start to add up, calorie-wise.

Summer Cat-Scratcher Houses From Target’s Sun Squad Line

Target has done it again! In its Sun Squad line’s new summer collection are two brand-new cat-scratcher homes that are essentially beach houses for your kitties — and they’re hilarious. The new cardboard houses are easy to put together, and they each feature a scratching pad that acts as the house’s floor. They’re similar to

Shop Truly’s Summer Friday Hard Seltzer Calendar

Summer Fridays should be classified as their own separate eighth day of the week, if you ask me. Warm, lazy, and somehow longer than any other Friday of the year, these days call for some chill time on the front porch with an ice-cold drink in hand, and Truly Hard Seltzer’s new Summer Fridays Calendar

Sonic Drive-In Has Red Bull Watermelon Slushes For Summer

Sonic Drive-In is responsible for a few of our favorite treat concoctions, but its Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon Slush might be the most energizing yet. The food chain recently debuted the new flavor (and brought back the fan-favorite Red Bull Slush) just in time for summer, and patrons are already slurping away. Although the