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Bolsonaro says Brazilians must stop being ‘sissies’ about coronavirus

One of President Trump’s staunchest allies on the world stage, Bolsonaro has not congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his win in the U.S. presidential election, called by the media Saturday. Bolsonaro and Trump have repeatedly dismissed and downplayed the coronavirus, which both caught and survived. They have both ridiculed public health guidance such as mask-wearing

Trump Supporters Can’t Agree On Whether To “Stop The Count” Or “Count The Votes”

Trump supporters are out in full force right now, protesting the ongoing ballot counting of the 2020 election. There’s just one problem: They can’t quite agree on whether to “stop the count” or “count the votes.” 1. For example, while these Trump supporters in Michigan were chanting “stop the count”… Election challengers shout “Stop the

7 Tips To Stop Voter Intimidation At The Polls

Believe it or not, we’ve made it to Election Day (deep breath). While millions of Americans have already cast their ballots, millions more will be heading to polling places today in what many are calling the most high-stakes election of their lifetimes. They will do so following a bitter campaign in which allegations of voter