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7 Gentle Backbends to Release Tight Muscles

Relieve tension and soothe tight muscles with these easy backbends to improve your posture.When we sit for too… The post 7 Gentle Backbends to Release Tight Muscles appeared first on Paleo Blog.

10 Ways to Use Yoga Blocks to Release Tight Muscles

Kelly Collins Whether or not you’re new to yoga or attempting to ease your method again in, blocks are nice instruments to make use of that will help you get into poses safely. Yoga props…

17 Easy Doorway Stretches To Fix Sore, Tight Muscles

Jessica Gouthro Tight hips and shoulders? Legs feeling achy? Do these straightforward doorway stretches to ease pressure from head to toe. Step into your doorway to alleviate aches, pains, immobility, and really feel higher throughout.…