Racial identity in Brazil: Record numbers change between black, white and mixed

It wasn’t until this year, when protests for racial justice erupted across the United States after George Floyd’s killing in police custody, that Gomes’s own uncertainty settled. Watching television, he saw himself in the thousands of people of color protesting amid the racially diverse crowds. He saw himself in Floyd. Gomes realized he wasn’t mixed.

Kristen Bell Opened Up About Quitting Central Park After Facing Backlash For Playing A Mixed Race Character

The character, Molly, has a Black father and white mother. There was backlash when Kristen’s casting was announced, but the series’ showrunner, Loren Bouchard, defended the decision in January, saying: Kristen needed to be Molly. We couldn’t not make her Molly. But then we couldn’t make Molly white and we couldn’t make Kristen mixed race