Love Is Blind: Amber and Barnett’s Cutest Pictures

Though their connection may not have been as instantaneous as Lauren and Cameron’s, there’s no doubt that Love Is Blind‘s Amber and Barnett have something special. On the first season of Netflix’s reality dating show, Matt Barnett was initially torn between three contestants in the pods, but he eventually decided his red-hot connection with Amber

Watch Justin Bieber’s “That’s What Love Is” Music Video

We hope your dancing shoes are nearby, because you’ll need them after watching Justin Bieber’s music video for “That’s What Love Is.” On April 1, Bieber released the video as part of his visual album, Changes: The Movement, which features a series of well-choreographed shots that bring songs from his latest LP, Changes, to life.

Empowering Boudoir Photo Shoot | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

In a world dominated by body standards that society deems acceptable, photographer Tara O’Meara wanted to shake things up, and so she started doing boudoir photography. “My inspiration is empowering all women to embrace what makes them themselves,” Tara told POPSUGAR. When she began doing boudoir photography, she really wanted everyone to simply unapologetically be

Love Is Blind: Why Lauren Speed Is So Important

Fan-favorite Lauren Speed may have proved that love is blind, but her role in season one of the Netflix show displayed so much more. From Issa Rae on Insecure to Kate Edison on The Bold Type, we are seeing more accurate portrayals of Black women on TV than ever — and it’s so important. In

Sexy Male Superhero Artwork | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

In David Talaski-Brown’s mind, Thor doesn’t wear a red cape and full-body armor — he rocks a pink polka-dot robe, green Hulk slippers, and, well, that’s about it. A 30-year-old artist from Portland, OR, David is flipping the script with men superheroes, giving them a sexy makeover as a nod to the way scantily clad

Real-Life Disney Princess Art | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

Disney princesses are undeniably beautiful, but their good looks are admittedly a bit unrealistic outside of the context of their imaginary universes. But what would they look like if they were part of our own world? Artist and graphic designer Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen used Photoshop to envision what the Disney princesses would look like

Body-Positivity Boudoir Shoot | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

Women of all shapes and sizes are absolutely beautiful — and that is exactly what Columbia, SC, photographer Jessica Hunt wanted to celebrate. “One of my favorite things to photograph are intimate portraits of women or, as some would call it: boudoir,” Jessica said. “Photographing women and being able to make them feel beautiful, sexy,