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The Details on Michael Jordan’s Brief Career in Baseball

Michael Jordan’s career in basketball is the stuff of legend — as the docuseries The Last Dance shows — but did you know he spent a season playing baseball, too? Jordan’s brief stint on the baseball diamond may seem like an unexpected detour, but in fact, it was a special tribute to his father, who

Where Was Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance Interview Filmed?

If you happened to notice that some of the interview spots in The Last Dance seemed a bit sparse, you’re not alone. After watching legendary basketball players Michael Jorden, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman throughout this entire ESPN docuseries, we had to wonder where these interviews were even filmed. Turns out, there’s a whole story

Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Sold at Auction

Michael Jordan just set a new record, and it’s all thanks to a pair of Nikes. The basketball player, who has been in the news for his hit ESPN documentary series The Last Dance, owned a pair of sneakers from 1985 that have sold for a record price during a Sotheby’s auction. The red Nike

A Year-by-Year Breakdown of Michael Jordan’s Salary

For anyone watching The Last Dance, the ESPN series documenting the biggest years of Michael Jordan’s life and career with the Chicago Bulls, it should come as no surprise that the basketball legend’s salary was astronomical. While society has grown accustomed to superstar athletes getting paid millions of dollars per year, Jordan made a lot