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Dylan Minnette Dyed His Hair a Purple-Pink Color

Dylan Minnette just dyed his hair a bright lavender shade, proving that he can truly pull off any hair color. The 13 Reasons Why actor posted photos on Tuesday debuting his new purple hair, after giving a peek of the bleaching process on his Instagram Stories. He captioned pictures of his lilac makeover with a

Watch Sue Bird Cut Megan Rapinoe’s Hair with Riawna Capri

Like many of us, Megan Rapinoe had been in desperate need of a haircut and finally tapped her partner, Sue Bird, to trim her thick, purple-pink “mop.” But unlike most of us, the couple got real-time assistance from friend and celebrity stylist, Riawna Capri. During a recent episode of Rapinoe and Bird’s Instagram Live series,

Cardi B Used Veet to Remove Her Body Hair

Hair removal has become a top priority for Cardi B during her time spent social distancing. A few weeks ago, she shared a hilarious (but slightly chaotic) video of herself getting a bikini wax on Instagram (Georgia, the state she lives in, had lifted its stay-at-home orders by that time, deeming it “safe” to go

Eat This If You Have Hair Loss, Brittle Nails Or You’re Not Sleeping

The adrenal glands are of high importance for the entire body. These small layered glands reside on top of your kidneys. In fact, they are important for healthy kidney function and the production of hormones – particularly stress hormones and sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone). The adrenal glands release several hormones, like steroids and adrenaline.

Best Hair Removal Products For Summer, According to Editors

Hair removal is a personal choice, and if you’re someone who chooses to be hairless — whether it’s by way of shaving, waxing, lasering it off, etc. — the removal process can be daunting, especially at a time like this when letting the professionals take care of the work isn’t much of an option. Still,

Lana Del Rey Lightened Her Dark Hair With Lemons

Remember when you were a teenager and you put lemon juice in your hair (or Sun In, if your mom bought it for you) to make it lighter as summer neared? Well, Lana Del Rey is at that point in her social-distancing hair journey. With no access to hairstylists and colorists, she’s resorted back to