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Snoop Dogg Listens to “Let It Go” From Frozen | Video

Ever the connoisseur of good music, Snoop Dogg knows a feel-good song when he hears it, and right now, one of his favorites just so happens to be Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from Frozen. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Snoop shared a video of himself listening to the song in his car as

Disney’s Frozen Musical Will Not Be Returning to Broadway

The curtains have closed on Disney’s Frozen musical. On May 14, it was announced that the kid-friendly musical will not be returning to the stage upon Broadway’s eventual reopening — making Frozen the first production to permanently close as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Since its official opening on March 22, 2018, Frozen

Disney’s New Frozen Shorts Featuring Josh Gad

Keeping your little kids busy at home can be a tall order, but fortunately, Disney is here to help! Actor Josh Gad (who voices Frozen‘s Olaf) and Disney animator Hyrum Osmond have been working together to create a new series of Frozen-themed shorts starring everyone’s favorite snowman, called At Home With Olaf. Little ones can

12 Best Frozen Dishes – Lolo Eats

Author: Angela Finn, MS, RD At Noom we don’t discriminate, nor do we restrict; it ain’t our thing! That’s right, even if you ask about frozen foods, we’ll respond with a “come on over!” There’s no reason for these options to get a bad rep. Specifically with frozen fruits and vegetables, they’re picked at peak