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Home Exercise Routines: 8 Popular Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

You don’t need an expensive fitness club membership or fancy gym machines to have a great workout. In fact, sometimes home workouts produce better results than the gym. Try any of these highly effective home exercise routines below. The reason home exercise routines can be so effective is that the human body adapts to movement

Why I Look Forward to Exercise During Coronavirus Pandemic

My relationship with exercise has always been, well, complicated. I started playing sports when I was 3 years old, and I come from an athletic family; movement was an essential part of my life growing up. When I stopped playing competitive tennis after high school, I found group fitness, and tried almost everything: indoor cycling,

Get fit with Gregg Wallace as Masterchef judge shares first week of exercise plan

As he swings his 11-month-old son Sid effortlessly around his garden, Gregg Wallace couldn’t look happier – or leaner. There’s a real energy about the MasterChef presenter – a true joie de vivre – and he puts that down to shedding four stone. Gone are the big, baggy clothes the former greengrocer used to hide