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White Plate Wall – Lolo Eats

I’ve been wanting an all white plate wall forever and had been collecting plates every time we went to a thrift store. By the way, I get the impression that Salvation Army buys and sells plates. cause every single store I went to had the same plates. Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge. Anyway, I

DIY Bathtub Tray – Lolo Eats

I decided to try a mash-up of several bathtub trays I’ve seen; paring it down to make the project simple and quick so we can finish it in one evening. I’ve put together a little tutorial on the bathtub tray we’ll be making. First, I measured the edge-to-edge width of our bathtub, which is a

DIY Crystal Bracelets – Lolo Eats

I love using crimp beads as regular beads (evidenced here), so I used some to make a batch of sparkly DIY bracelets with knotting cord in rich jewel tones. Read on for the how to. Tools and materials: Chinese knotting cord, 1.5mm Jump rings and clasp Fold-over ends (optional) Crimp beads, 2.5mm Rhinestones or crystals in sew-on setting  (I

DIY Crystal Fan Earrings – Lolo Eats

I had to DIY something easy to bring green and blue together. I’ve also gone a little crazy pinning different styles of crystal fan earrings. Combining two trends, I created these DIY crystal fan earrings, using some crystals I had on hand with petite rhinestones from Wander & Hunt. The trick to these do-it-yourself earrings?