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Dylan Minnette Dyed His Hair a Purple-Pink Color

Dylan Minnette just dyed his hair a bright lavender shade, proving that he can truly pull off any hair color. The 13 Reasons Why actor posted photos on Tuesday debuting his new purple hair, after giving a peek of the bleaching process on his Instagram Stories. He captioned pictures of his lilac makeover with a

Is It Safe to Get a Haircut or Color Amid Coronavirus?

Image Source: Getty Amid the coronavirus pandemic, phased reopenings are now underway in all 50 states. While governors manage restrictions in their respective states, mandates and safety precautions get as granular as individual cities and counties, too. The earliest states to reopen included Georgia and Alaska, soon followed by Texas, Florida, and others scattered across

“Color Esperanza 2020” Released to Help COVID-19 Efforts

If anyone asked me about a song that defined the first decade of the 2000s for Latinxs, I’d say Diego Torres’s “Color Esperanza.” The song’s message of hope and overcoming hard times in life, together with its uplifting beat, became a staple. From graduations to conferences to workshops — really any event where the purpose

Madison Reed Dye Permanent Color Kit Editor Experiment

After my mom started referring to herself as fictional gray-haired legends like Cruella De Vil and Sweeney Todd on a regular basis, it was time to intervene. I had just passed the seven-week mark of isolating at home in the suburbs, and with salons in our state remaining closed for at least the next few