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Books About Race on College Campuses

Joining the fight against racial injustice starts with listening to Black voices, sharing resources, and fully educating yourself on the systemic issues that affect Black people. Racism on college campuses affects everyone, and it’s important for all students to acknowledge that non-Black students benefit from a system that has discriminated against Black students. From specific

How College Students Manage Mental Health During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic shook the world — and it’s still shaking the world. In the US alone, we’ve hit the 100,000 death mark and 1 million cases across the country. As some states are beginning to open up in the initial aftermath (though a second wave is in the conversation), our mental health has

Tips For College Grads on Finding a Job Amid the Coronavirus

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, many college seniors have had their last year of undergrad cut short. And as virtual learning and social distancing become the new normal, there are a lot of factors that remain uncertain — including what the job and internship market will be like in upcoming months. While this is