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Chris Redd Launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund For Protesters

While people are protesting throughout the country and worldwide against police brutality, demanding justice for the killing of George Floyd and others, the unfortunate reality is that the global pandemic persists and puts people at risk of contracting COVID-19. To help protesters, Saturday Night Live star Chris Redd launched a relief fund for those who

Chris Evans Gives Dog Dodger Bad Haircut | Photo

During a time when dyeing your hair wild colors and giving yourself bangs is more than encouraged, Chris Evans has made a disastrous doggy beauty faux pas. In an attempt to make his pup feel like he came fresh from the groomer’s during the stay at home order, Chris made the same mistake as every

“Old Town Road” Daycare Closed Parody Video by Chris Mann

It’s been more than a month since most of our kids’ daycares and schools have been closed, so singer and former The Voice contestant Chris Mann put together a hilarious parody of Old Town Road” (that little-known ditty by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus). Much like his social-distancing-inspired cover of Adele’s “Hello,” his

Chris Hemsworth Talks About Homeschooling His Kids Video

Chris Hemsworth is always a joy to watch. And even though we thought it was impossible, we love him even more after his interview Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. The pair start by discussing how they’re coping with lockdown — for Jimmy in the US, and Chris in Australia — before moving onto important topics