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6 early signs of lung cancer that you shouldn’t ignore

Lung cancer symptoms can be a little hard to detect, which is why you need to be cautious.or a long time, it was believed that only smokers and industrial workers get lung carcinomas or lung cancer, because of the way their bodies are exposed to cigarette fumes and polluted air. The fact, as our recent

You should not ignore these 7 signs of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is often cause by a sexually transmitted virus which is called HPV or Human papillomavirus. This virus has many variations, some of which actually lead to cervical cancer. As a matter of fact cervical cancer is one of the deadliest types. Typically the immune system should take care of the HPV if you

Dr Miriam Stoppard: Keeping active is the best prostate cancer medicine – Miriam Stoppard

A friend whose brother was ­diagnosed with prostate ­cancer, had completed all his treatment and was declared free of the disease, asked me what he should do to keep himself healthy. I was reminded of an excellent study from Bristol Medical School on the life-saving effect of exercise on prostate cancer. It ­examined the effect