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How Do Athletes Qualify For the Postponed 2020 Olympics?

With the Tokyo Olympics officially postponed until July 2021, one of the most pressing questions is how the change will affect athletes who already qualified. Many sports in the US, including gymnastics, swimming, and track and field, had yet to to hold their Olympic Trials; but athletes had already qualified in other sports, including surfing,

The Best Netflix Series For Kids 2020

So many series, so little time, am I right? Netflix has so much amazing original content for kids both young and old, so step away from Peppa Pig or whatever other show your kid insists on putting on whenever they get the remote — it’s time for some fresh shows in 2020! From little kid

Best British TV Shows 2020

The UK has produced so many quality TV dramas, incredible documentaries, and classic comedies over the years that any “best of” list can barely scrape the surface. But if you’ve stumbled across a few British shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or any other streaming platform recently, and are looking for some new things to add