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12 Women Habits That Can Drive Men Crazy

I’m sure that every woman can name a few habits of her husband that piss her off all the time. Most of us are sure that only men do disgusting things. The truth is that nobody’s perfect and you can also do something that drives him crazy. In most cases, we get used to these

Why to Practice These 12 Surya Namaskar Steps Every Morning?

Sun Salutation is a complete body workout which consists of 12 positions done in succession. When one position ends, another begins in the very moment. These poses can remove mental and bodily tensions, stimulate the nervous system and improve circulation. These 12 Surya Namaskar steps will strengthen and tone the muscles in the spine, abdomen


People typically laugh concerning ejection, hiccups and breaking wind. Sometimes, even they’re embarrassed and irritated concerning these body functions. Yes they sound fascinating and smell weird, start off from the bum however what quantity does one really understand these farts? Here square measure twelve facts concerning breaking wind that you just in all probability ne’er

12 Places Your Body Stores Stress and What They Reveal About Your Emotions

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, without being aware that one of its main causes can be stress.  Latest studies show that people who struggle with anxiety and stress constrict their muscles, which causes fatigue and cramps, headaches and IBS. Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences, and we all feel

12 Ways To Lose 20 Pounds in 14 Days

If you think it’s impossible to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, then think again. We’re not talking about a magic pill or wraps – all we’re talking about are small sacrifices combined with specific techniques. And rather than giving you a one-size-fits-all regimen, we figure you’re more likely to stick with the plan if