Sweden’s Durmaz faces online racial abuse after World Cup loss

Sweden’s Durmaz faces on-line racial abuse after World Cup loss


Information 24 Jun 2018, 17:44 IST


Stockholm, June 24 (AFP) Sweden’s Jimmy Durmaz confronted a wave of racial hatred and even dying threats after he gave away the foul that led to Toni Kroos’s late winner for Germany on the World Cup.

Abusive feedback on the 29-year-old substitute’s Instagram account poured in after Germany received 2-1 within the 95th minute in Sochi on Saturday.

The winger’s teammates got here rapidly to the defence of Durmaz, who was born in Sweden to Assyrian dad and mom who emigrated from Turkey.

“No shadow falls over Jimmy, there’s nothing dangerous to say about him. Individuals cannot blame one particular person. You win as a workforce and also you lose as a workforce,” midfielder Albin Ekdal informed the day by day Aftonbladet.

“He ran and fought the complete time. It is dangerous luck. It is fully idiotic to present him hatred due to it,” striker John Guidetti stated.

Durmaz, who shrugged off the feedback, stated he has “at all times seen hatred on his social media” accounts.

“When you’ve had this your total life then it is not an enormous deal. I am proud to characterize my nation,” he stated.

The chain of abuse was met with outrage from observers and Durmaz’s followers.

“Loopy folks overtly raging with racism towards Jimmy Durmaz after a soccer match sadly says an excessive amount of in regards to the world we stay in,” Swedish sports activities journalist Patrick Ekwall tweeted at this time.

“Do not allow them to get to you! You are wonderful,” a fan wrote on Durmaz’s Instagram account Sweden face Mexico in Yekaterinburg on Wednesday, with the possibility to progress to the knockout rounds

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