Sold-out £290 Gucci swimsuit cannot be worn for swimming

Swimsuits are typically meant to be worn while swimming – but Gucci has other plans for its £290 ($381) version.

The high-end brand’s swimsuit, a white one-piece with a vintage Gucci logo and cross-over straps, is simple and trendy – and already proving to be a hit.

However, there is just one problem with the designer suit – it can’t actually be worn in a pool.

On the product details listed on Gucci’s website, it states: “Due to the nature of this particular fabric, this swimsuit should not come into contact with chlorine.”

According to the website, the pricey swimsuit is made of 80 per cent nylon, 20 per cent elastane – fabrics apparently better suited for a non-chlorinated environment.

Rather than a cover-up and a beach towel, the design house has modelled a version of the logo swimsuit with jeans, heels and a leather jacket.

The brand pairs it with a leather jacket and jeans (Gucci)

Selfridges suggests that the suit be worn with “skirts, denim and anything high-rise.”

The design flaw has amused people on social media – who are questioning why the brand created an expensive swimsuit you can’t swim in.

Gucci- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with interview)

“Gucci selling swimsuits they advise you not to swim in,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Oi I swear Gucci is baiting the world. £290 for a SWIMSUIT that literally says in the product details that you can’t even wear it to swim in.“

However, the confusion over the purpose of the bathing suit hasn’t stopped people from purchasing the garment – which is currently sold out everywhere.

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