Skorts Are Officially Back—These Are the 30 Best

Skorts Are Officially Back—These Are the 30 Best


I’m not trying to shame anyone based on what generation they belong to, but I can confidently say that if you aren’t a millennial, you don’t fully understand the nostalgia of the skort. Skorts were the answer to wearing a hemline your mother wouldn’t otherwise allow. Skorts allowed you to skip around town on a windy day. Skorts just made sense… until they didn’t. One day, skorts were the It item to own, and then just like that, they became obsolete. Well, skort lovers, I have good news for you: The nostalgic skirt-shorts hybrid is officially back, and I have the shopping assortment to prove it. 

While I was definitely shocked to see the return of the skort, I was equally excited and ready to dive headfirst into the trend. Luckily, as I was doing research for this story, I discovered that the skort still accommodates a variety of personal style types. Whether you’re sporty, trend-forward, or quite minimal in taste, there is sure to be more than one skort that tickles your fancy below. Go on and scroll—you’ll see. 

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