Shredded Coffee Filter Fall Wreath

It is fall! We have hit November and I am all about Thanksgiving and hopefully much cooler weather here in San Diego. Either way, I am knee deep in holiday prep which includes a lot of decorating and cleaning- I am sure you can relate! I have developed a cleaning routine for the holidays but I like to break it up with some decorating and today I put together a fun coffee filter wreath that I don’t think you have seen before and I have my top tips for last minute guests! Let’s get started!

We can start with the wreath and all I needed for that was a piece of cardboard (or you could grab a wreath form), some brown coffee filters, a stapler, scissors and a hot glue gun.

thanksgathering 1I started by simply folding the coffee filter in half.

thanksgathering 2Then in half again.

thanksgathering 3And then I started rolling it up from the folded side to the smaller side.

thanksgathering 4Lastly, all I had to do was add a staple in the bottom!

thanksgathering 5To give the wreath a little bit of texture, I made a few cuts in the top-down about half way. Then I used my fingers to fluff these up a bit. It is kind of a corn husk effect in a way but it is certainly a new spin on a coffee filter wreath that I haven’t seen and I think is fun!

thanksgathering 6All that was left to do at this point was glue them in layers all around the wreath. It comes together pretty quickly, the perfect activity for weeknight primetime television.

thanksgathering 7

thanksgathering 11

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