Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

Life is going to get way sweeter—and hotter—come Thursday, when the year’s only new moon in Gemini—also a galvanizing solar eclipse—powers up your eighth house of intimacy, seduction and soul merging. This is the “Scorpio house” of the zodiac wheel, so even if these moonbeams bring one of their trademark surprises, you’ll still feel in your element. Whew! Any new relationship that sparks up under this lunar lift has the potential to go the distance, but your job is to be brutally honest with yourself about prospects’ long-term potential. For couples, these erotically charged moonbeams may boost the urge to merge on a far deeper level. Make a point over the coming two weeks to talk about “next steps,” laying your cards on the table about what you truly desire—bearing in mind those dreams could manifest by the corresponding full moon on December 18.

Your inner mogul rouses on Friday, June 11, as your co-ruler, energizer Mars, roars into Leo and your tenth house of career success. The red planet hasn’t visited this chart sector in two years. While some of the moves you’ll make between now and July 29 may appear sudden, YOU know they’ve been percolating for a long time! During this transit, you can (and should) transfer your big ideas from the incubator to the hothouse. Leo rules your tenth house of ambition, and with the galactic motivator here, you’ll be able to refine and fine-tune some of those grander visions and take critical steps toward realizing them. And you don’t have to sacrifice your whole summer to lunge ahead! If anyone can stay focused while others are on an extended frose break, it’s you, Scorpio. Keep at it, and you can attract legit power brokers over the next seven weeks. Apply for membership in a professional organization where you can (virtually) brush shoulders with heavy hitters.

Even the most intuitive Scorpio may struggle to read signals on Sunday thanks to a perplexing square between the Sun and deceptive Neptune. MAYBE someone is flirting with you—or maybe they’re just like that with everyone. And when you think your response is obvious, communication just gets even more ambiguous. Hold off on making one of your signature Scorpio seduction moves until you are 100 percent sure that everyone is on the same page about what this actually is. One of you could be thinking “one-and-done hookup” while the other has already started a “Boho-Chic Weddings” Pinterest board. Yikes! If you’re attached, unspoken assumptions about your partner could undermine happiness. Approach your S.O. with “beginner’s mind,” that is, with the same curiosity and open-mindedness you brought to your first (or okay, Scorpio, your third) date. You might discover a whole new dimension to explore!

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