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Royal Jelly Health Benefits

Royal jelly health benefits seem to be the same as that of bee pollen which normally sells for a much lower price.

Royal jelly is a creamy white liquid that is used to feed baby bees the first couple of days of their lives and is the exclusive food that the queen bee eats.  This bee product also called bee’s milk is sold for human consumption at a fairly high price because of the health benefits associated with it.


Comparing Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly And Bee Pollen

One of the major royal jelly health benefits is that it strengthens the immune system, a benefit which is also attributed to bee pollen.  In fact, both of these bee products are known to correct chemical imbalances and aid in digestion as well as overall immune system function.  There seems to be no noticeable difference in how much benefit these two bee products can provide.

Other benefits associated with both of these products include:

The only real difference between the health benefits of royal jelly and bee pollen seems to be in the area of increased fertility.  While both of them seem to increase fertility in the female, bee pollen seems to offer more fertility benefits to the male than does the bee’s milk.

Royal jelly is also used in many skin care products where it may help to aid dry skin and other skin problems while giving you softer more beautiful looking skin.

Which Is Better Royal Jelly Or Bee Pollen?

Because both of these bee products have almost identical properties many consumers find themselves wondering which of these products are better.

The simple truth is that it really depends where the product comes from.  While royal jelly health benefits and bee pollen benefits may be virtually the same, not every product is equal.

Some bee products contain higher amounts of heavy  metals and chemical contaminates than others.  The products that are most likely to be contaminated are those that come from hives in heavily industrialized nations or areas where there is a large human population or where a lot of chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used.

No matter which bee product you choose make sure that it comes from a location such as New Zealand where there the population is sparse, few large industrialized cities exist, and where laws governing the use of fertilizers and pesticides are strict.

Then and only then if all other things are equal consider whether you want to pay the higher price to get those royal jelly health benefits.

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