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Rock Beachy Waves Year Round With This Simple Tutorial

“Lived-in” hair is all the rage right now. We are seeing this casual, undone texture on all lengths of hair from the runways to the red carpet to the trendy girl working at Starbucks. Beachy waves aren’t just a summer hair fad, you can rock them (and should rock them) year round!

Recreating this trendy texture is much simpler than you might think, but there is a definite method to it.

For this tutorial, all you need is a curling wand and your favorite texture spray. I am using the Enzo Milano 1 1/4-inch barrel wand here. Shall we get started? Oh and don’t feel silly spending a little time styling your hair to look like you just rolled out of bed — everyone is doing it!


How to Create Beachy Waves You Can Rock All Year Long:

1. Section off the top of your head and clip it up and out of the way.

2. Begin by holding the curling rod down and wrapping the first section around the rod, leaving the ends out.

3. Take large and uneven sections as you continue to work across your head. You want the style to look very natural so don’t take the same size section each time you pick up a piece to wave it.

4. Continue this pattern until you reach to section that is parallel to your cheekbones.

5. At your cheekbones, you are going to only wave the hair from mid-to just below your ear down. You do not want to go any higher.

*TIP* Step 5 is key if you have a narrow face because it creates the illusion of width around the middle of the face. If you face is narrow, really focus on this part of the head.

6. Let the waves cool in their style. Do not touch them for about 10 minutes. Once the hair is cooled, spray the hair with a texture spray

7. Flip your head over while you are continuing to spray the texture product underneath. Really get in and tousle the hairstyle!

8. Flip your head back and smooth in place.

Watch the Video:

Pretty easy huh? There really are several way you can create beachy waves. For more ideas, check out this post that covers beach waves done five different ways.

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