Riot may have denied Gambit and Oxygen Esports the chance to take part in Europe’s First Strike qualifiers

The First Strike Valorant qualifiers for Europe is right around the corner, and teams need to register their team as soon as possible before the sign-up window closes.

Registrations for the teams who will participate in Week 1 of the EU Valorant First Strike qualifiers will end on the 5th of November while registrations for those who will participate in Week 2 will be on the 12th.

Valorant’s First Strike is Riot Games’ first official tournament. Some of the top teams and orgs will be gearing up to give it their all in the qualifiers and grab the chance to participate in the main event.

The North American First Strike NSG Qualifiers are well on their way, and the tournament so far has been some of the best games of Valorant the region has seen.

There have been a series of upsets so far in the competition, and the Grand Finals are all set to be held between Team Envy and Cloud9 Blue.

Schedule for Europe
Schedule for Europe’s Valorant First Strike Qualifiers (image credits: Riot Games)

European Valorant fans will be expecting a similar level of competition in their region, and many will be looking forward to seeing if G2 Esports are able to hold on to their crown this time around.

However, not every European team was allowed to participate in the region’s First Strike qualifiers. As they are stuck in the CIS and Turkey region, both Gambit and Oxygen Esports may have had their requests denied, despite wanting to play in Europe’s First Strike Qualifiers.

Gambit and Oxygen Esports were not allowed to take part in EU’s Valorant First Strike Qualifiers

In a recent tweet, Arran “Halo” Brown of Halo Of Thoughts talked about the possibility that Gambit and Oxygen Esports may have been denied participation in Europe’s Valorant First Strike qualifiers. 

He wrote:

“Valorant: Sources have confirmed that despite wanting to play in Europe’s First Strike qualifiers, Riot have denied a request from both Gambit and Oxygen Esports to do so. Therefore, both will be region locked to CIS and Turkey respectively.”

Gambit and Oxygen can only participate in the Valorant First Strike events of their respective regions. While the schedule for the CIS First Strike qualifier is yet to be announced, Oxygen Esports have already won the qualifiers in Turkey and have booked themselves a ticket to the main event.

Published 30 Oct 2020, 12:06 IST

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